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Diamonds For Investment 

Add sparkle to your profolio 

For the past three generations we have  been polishing diamonds for the industry biggest globel jewellery brands by supplying them the finest earthy  and natural diamonds . We  gurentee that all our diamonds are conflict free and have been sourced only from legitimate source by purchasing  non conflict diamonds and gems.

Our extensive knowledge about diamonds and gems will sparkle your investment profolio to new heights

diamonds investment eitan namdar

Rough Diamonds Purchasing

Be Mine Jewellery was founded by Eitan Namdar the owner of family-owned and operated diamond distribution company, Namdar Asia Diamonds. Namdar Asia Diamonds is a renowned  industry leader with a heritage spanning more than three decades.

Thanks to the collaboration between these two companies, clients can feel confident knowing where each diamond is sourced from, and that an exceptional standard of quality and ethics is maintained. Be Mine Jewellery is in daily contact with diamond experts working exclusively for its jewellery requirements.

Heart shape diamond by be mine jewellery diamonds tel  aviv

Diamonds Cutting and Polishing 

Our diamond manufacturing experts are each specialized in cutting and polishing diferent shapes , Round shape , Oval Shape , Princess cut , Emerald shape , Pear shape , Marquee shape and many more , all cut for perfection. 

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