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evil eye protecting symbol jewelry

שרשרת Protect Eye

9,800.00 ₪ מחיר רגיל
2,940.00 ₪מחיר מבצע

השרשרת המעוצבת משובצת יהלומים טבעיים בזהב לבן 18 קראט ו-0.20 קרט יהלומים טבעיים שנבחרו בקפידה. בהירות צבע F/G Si1.

  • Our Diamonds and Gems

    At Be Mine Jewelry, we pride ourselves on the purity and authenticity of our materials. Our exclusive collection features only natural and untreated diamonds, ensuring that each piece reflects the raw, unaltered beauty of the stones. The exception lies with our black diamonds, which undergo a careful enhancement process to bring out their deep, mesmerizing hue, unless specified otherwise in our detailed product descriptions. Furthermore, our commitment to natural splendor extends to our gems, which are guaranteed to be entirely natural.

    In the spirit of responsibility and ethical practice, the Be Mine Jewelry Collection is dedicated to using only ethically sourced gold, gems, and diamonds. Our dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing means that every piece of jewelry you purchase from us not only adds elegance to your collection but also aligns with the highest standards of integrity and environmental consciousness.


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