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Founded in 2004, Be Mine Jewellery offers exclusive jewellery collections created with breathtaking natural diamonds and designed with the modern woman in mind. In an industry dominated by mass production, Be Mine Jewellery shines with its handcrafted pieces and emphasis on quality.

Be Mine Jewellery was founded by Eitan Namdar the owner of family-owned and operated diamond distribution company, Namdar Asia Diamonds. Namdar Asia Diamonds is a renowned  industry leader with a heritage spanning more than three decades.

Thanks to the collaboration between these two companies, clients can feel confident knowing where each diamond is sourced from, and that an exceptional standard of quality and ethics is maintained. Be Mine Jewellery is in daily contact with diamond experts working exclusively for its jewellery requirements.

This close partnership also offers clients the option to choose their own rare and natural diamond and to customise their Be Mine Jewellery pieces – thereby creating something even more unique, personal and luxurious.

Glittering natural diamonds and our designs are brought together by a lifetime of skill. Master jewellers handcraft every Be Mine Jewellery piece with impeccable attention to detail and a devotion to quality.

high jewelry factory tel aviv eitan namdar
Mr Eitan Namdar of Be Mine diamond Jewel
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